Coach’s Corner – July

UC Davis Rugby is gearing up for the 2017-2018 season. The season will see big changes for our club as we move up to D1A. This jump in division means that our team will be facing new opponents in season including: St. Mary’s, Cal Poly, UC

Santa Barbara, San Diego State, and Santa Clara. Our preseason opponents and any 7s tournaments are still being organized but we have a preliminary schedule posted.

Eugene Mountjoy

To say that the coaching staff is excited, would be an understatement. All of our coaches are working hard to make this season a success. Additionally, we are happy to welcome Eugene “Cobra” Mountjoy to the coaching staff. Cobra has an extensive resume and brings a lot to the table for UC Davis Rugby. We will be featuring a more complete bio on the website but a few highlights of Coach Mountjoy’s include being an assistant coach for the 2009 USA-A America’s Cup team, Director of Rugby for OMBAC, and operating Cobra Rugby Academy.

Our coaching staff has a fantastic vision of where they see they club and have already started developing that vision. One such development has been with the University. The coaching staff has been in contact with various people on campus to help facilitate our club moving to the next level. These discussions have covered additional access to facilities, our new alumni association, ways to aide recruitment, and a host of other topics. In regards to recruitment, our coaches have noticed some of the best talent in the country going to other colleges, despite wanting to attend UC Davis. The stringent acceptance standards of the University has made attending UC Davis difficult for everyone. Efforts are currently being made to try and find a way to help qualified Rugby players attend UC Davis.

Everything is just beginning to take shape and things may change, but its certainly a step in the right direction. We hope to have more to share in this area as the season progresses.