November Alumni Spotlight: Tyler Harrison

When did you play for UC Davis? I played for Davis from 2006-2011.

What position(s) did you play? I played fullback and scrumhalf.

Did you receive any awards while you played for UC Davis? For Davis, I received Rookie of the year and MVP. On a national level I was fortunate enough to be named as a 3-time Collegiate All-American

What is you best memory from playing at UC Davis? Playing in the Pac Coast final against Saint Mary’s. It was a tough match and I had the chance to kick a 40m penalty with time almost out to go into double over time.

Did you play after college? After graduation, I trained at the Taranaki provincial academy
in New Zealand and in 2012 USA rugby signed me to the 7s developmental team. Both of those opportunities were incredible.

What are you doing now? Currently, I am studying at Life Chiropractic College West to receive my Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Where do you see the club in the future? I hope to see the club as one of the leaders in collegiate rugby. We can do this by establishing active alumni support and offering tuition assistance for high level players.